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To provide individualized, affordable fertility care with high pregnancy rates by using cutting edge technology and trusting in the wisdom and power of God
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No two couples are the same , so why should our approach to all couples be the same? We see each of our clients as completely different entities from all others and this informs our approach to fertility treatment. Some of them will require basic fertility treatments but we know most of them will require advanced treatment.

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One of the main problems with assisted conception is the uncertainty associated with the outcome. This is a problem all over the world not only in developing countries where the main burden of infertility exists. Our pregnancy rates compares very well with what obtains in high class fertility centers in Nigeria

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Trusting in the wisdom and power of God

As a Christian organization, we understand that God answers the cry of his children in different ways. It may be spectacular as the case of clients who have blocked tubes and still got pregnant by natural conception. At times it is assisted by taking advantage of medical science and using this understanding to aid conception. Every time a baby is conceived either naturally or by assisted conception, it is an answer to prayers and babies are always special.

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Cutting Edge Technology

A lot has changed in the approach to fertility treatment since the first baby from IVF was born in July 1978. It is a rapidly evolving field. We do our very best to employ the best hands in the industry and to keep abreast of innovations in the practice so as to continually provide our customers with the best possible care.We have tried to reduce our cost to the barest minimum and still not compromise the quality of care offered.

We guarantee and provide the best care possible to every case we have ever handled.

Vine Branch Fertility Center is a state of the art fertility center with a reputation for excellence . We are a one stop center that provides comprehensive fertility treatment options for male and female fertility challenges. Total diagnostic facilities support all therapeutic functions making us the preferred center for most modern assisted conception techniques. We are also open for gynecologists of like minds who wish to treat their patients in a high tech environment.

  • We promise to provide you with the absolute best service in the fertility care industry. If we fall short, feel free to give our lead gynecologist Dr Kay a call or drop him an email. When we exceed your expectations, he’d love to hear that too. You can find his contact number on our contact page.

  • Our business is not infertility, it is not even IVF, our business is serving couples! Providing hope in this conception journey which may at times be very tasking . With our team of highly experienced staff you are guaranteed of a warm reception, excellent communication during the entire process and WE’RE FLEXIBLE Whether you have been down the fertility treatment road before, or it Is your first time or you just want to talk to someone and make sense of it all. We are willing to oblige you and give you our undivided attention. After all, there will be no us without you!

The people that make things work

Dr Charles Oluwabukunmi Kolade FWACS

Lead Gynecologist
Dr Kay as he is fondly called is a consultant Gynecologist and subspecialist in assisted conception. He has extensive experience in reproductive endocrinology and in-vitro fertilization in which he has worked form the most part of his specialist career. He is passionate about reproductive health issues especially infertility. He believes with all I heart that there is hope for every couple.

Dr Paul Faduola PhD, EMA,CBiol,MSB,CSi,FSAB

Laboratory Director
Paul is a clinical embryologist certified by the American College of embryologist, a translational medicine specialist and a stem cell biologist. He has extensive training in male infertility treatment, cryopreservation and quality control in the embryology laboratory . He is visiting consultant to several high profile fertility units in Nigeria .

Ademola Aladejare Bsc Msc

Demola has a first degree in Anatomy form the University of Ilorin and a masters in the same field from the University of Lagos. Where he worked extensively on the effect of maternal age on sex determination, intelligence and histomorphology of wistar rats. He has extensive training in embryology with a special interest in poor responders and male infertility .

Adenike Adeboje RN, BNSc Nursing

Fertility Nurse
Nike has a first degree in Nursing from Igbenidion University Okada , she worked briefly in the pharmaceutical sector before coming back to her first love of clinical nursing . She is a fast learner and has interest in the care of women in general but especially for couples that experience difficulty in conceiving .

Dr Gbolahan Oladele Obajimi. MBBS(Ib), MHS(Pop and RH), FWACS

Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
Dr Gbolahan is a consultant with several years experience. He is a resident doctor at the University College Hospital.

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