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This is a procedure whereby sperm cells are frozen to preserve them for future use.

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Vine Branch Fertility Center is a state of the art fertility center with a reputation for excellence . We are a one stop center that provides comprehensive fertility treatment options for male and female fertility challenges. Total diagnostic facilities support all therapeutic functions making us the preferred center for most modern assisted conception techniques. We are also open for gynecologists of like minds who wish to treat their patients in a high tech environment.

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“I went to VBFC after having had 6 failed IVF treatments, up till then nobody had been able to tell me why it failed repeatedly. I had testing for recurrent implantation failure, a diagnosis was made and at the 54 yers, I had my first positive pregnancy test ever. Today my family has been blessed with a bouncing baby boy.”
“It was a pleasure to be attended to by Dr. Kay and his team, confident humane and always so pleasant. They were quite supportive during the treatment and very professional in their approach. Even if the treatment did not work, my wife and I knew they did their best. Fortunately, it did and we are here today with lovely twin girls. Thank you so much for walking with us on this journey.”
Mr W.A Croydon - United KingdomPatient
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